About Us

AlhamdoLillah Pakistan is a great country with various cultures, languages and races. In such a big and overcrowded country, it is obvious, people use many different types of media to get the information. But still many people, after their best, couldn’t collect the right and to the point information for whatever they are interested in.

Same is the case when someone wants to see the jobs ads published in a daily newspaper or announced on any government/private career pages. S/he doesn’t have enough time to search through all the tens of newspapers and tens of government/private career pages.

So we the team JobsOcean.Pk helps people and save their time. We collect, almost all the jobs ads whether published in a newspaper or announced on the career page of government/private website and display on https://jobsocean.pk. So, people only have to visit a single website to get all the latest jobs.

روزانہ ہر جاب کی ڈیٹیل حاصل کرنے کے لئے اپنا ای میل لکھ کر سائن اپ پر کلک کریں